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Laura Carlin
Although not specifically a documentary illustrator, Laura's award winning work across a range of subject matters is grounded firmly upon the drawings she has created through a process of direct and objective observation of people and places. After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2004 Laura has worked for a range of clients ranging from the Folio Society and Royal Mail to broadsheets such as The Guardian, The Times and The Independent. Overseas commissions have included The New York Times, The New Yorker and American Express. Illustrated books include Le Grand Meaulnes, Chekhov Short Stories and, more recently The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Laura also works in clay - a medium that allows her to translate her drawings into 3D form as well as explore the decorative element of her work

She is represented by the artist's agency Heart.

"I create my own version of reality. I learned to put my personality into things. I enjoy that I could be looking at exactly the same scene as someone else but that theyíre seeing it in a different way to me."

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Laura Carlin Laura Carlin
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